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Ugly Coin Competition 2014 is OVER!


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Well, it's ended in a tie, and 2014 is represented by both exposure to the elements and a failure of design! The joint winners are:


Art's 2005 Luxembourg 2 Euro Commemorative





ikaros' 1986 US Cent


...which seems an ultimately equitable result; it is hard to compare an artistic failure of design with an innocent victim of living on the streets.


And with this, we draw the 2014 Ugly Coin Competition to an end! My thanks to all who participated!

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I think it's a great ending to a really nice competition. A big "THANK YOU" to Ik for running this fine show and also to all those who submitted and voted so nicely. Congratulations, you're all winners in my book.

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Yes indeed, the people have spoken, and they have said, "...meh." :hysterical:


Thanks to all for your participation and support; I've had fun running it!

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Hahaha! I love this result. I expected the thread to have been all worn and weathered coins, but an ugly design has equal merits! Like you said, ikaros, it truly was "an ultimately equitable result" because, in some ways, that 2 Euro coin is far uglier than an "innocent victim of living on the streets" lol.

Can't wait for the next one!

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