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United states 1967 John F kennedy half dollar silver coin with golden toning surface is beautiful

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I would like to say hi to everyone in this forum and I have just brought a piece of the United states 1967 John F kennedy half dollar silver coin.It comes with the beautiful golden toning surface with shining luster on both sides.

However,the coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition which was brought by me at those eldely dealers within the territory of my place in my country and I can search for so many difference coins with beautiful toning surface to be honest with you.

The dealer shops are small as the storeroom in my house and their pieces are special and unusual to put up for sale right now.I would apprieiciate for you as usual.Please check the scans below and let me know what you think there.Thank you





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Nice. I like the 40% silver Kennedy Half dollars. They have a nice feel to them and hold up nicely to wear from use. Enjoy it.

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It is nice to hear that from you and I have to agree with your personal statement right now for the complete golden toning on the surface is the most beautiful that I have ever seen so far especially on the half dollar silver coins there.I would think it is not common to be seen on other similar pieces which are selling on other websites and most of the pieces are without beautiful toning on the surface available everywhere in the market for sure there.Thank you

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