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Greetings from Italy and Israel

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Hi everyone.


Quick introduction...


I'm a third generation collector from Italy. But I'm based in Israel.


I collect with a group of friends various high grade crowns from Germany, England and Italy. Other countries are also of interest but we follow them less.


We showcase our coins for viewing purposes (at present) through our website. Harpagon coins. Please feel free to visit us, make suggestions, contribute to the blog, or simply enjoy the photos of our coins.


I hope to contribute constructively on this forum and become a valued member.


If you have any questions, I'll love to hear from you.


Thanks for your time,








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Hello Roman and welcome to CoinPeople. It would be helpful if you would put a link to your website in your signature area. Glad you're here.

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I browsed your site, very nicely done.

I noticed this in particular:

"Traditional heraldry gave way to more dynamic elements with throw backs to neoclassic scenes and allegorical female figures, similar to Britannia on English coinage"

Which, in itself, was a throw back to Britannia seated with a shield on Roman bronze asses of the 1st century AD struck under Hadrian. Oh, the debt we still owe to the Romans

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Thank you Constanius,


Yes, we owe an amazing debt to classical art and iconography. It's filtered through time and still has the same powerful affect on our senses.


Would I be guessing wrongly that you're a collector of Ancient coinage?!

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I only have a few roman silver coins, my main collecting focus is commemorative medals & tokens from the renaissance to mid 19th century, though I am interested in ancient coins I do not collect them.


I am afraid I have not added anything to my Omnicoin collection for years, instead I tend to post them just here on CoinPeople, and I am even behind on that too! My garden is taking up too much of my time....or I just getting lazy in my old age :rolleyes:

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I know what you mean about falling behind... I had to sell off, rather slowly and sadly a big part of my collection since it was impossible for me to continue maintaining it. The time needed, is just not available to me at the moment.

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Glad you've joined the forum, Harpagon. The coins on your site are terrific--I love that you've focused on really sharp and uncirculated examples (which makes for great photos!). I've always been fond of the uniformity that comes with the neoclassical style of 19th-century coins.

Looking forward to more posts in the future.

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