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Some kind of coin or plaquet, no idea. Only I know that its solid silver


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The first word at 12 O'clock in the first picture tells you what this is. SIGILLVM is Latin for seal.


A quick read of the Latin reveals it's depicting Emperor Charles IV and relates to the protection of Charles University in Prague.


This is a modern replica made in 1999 by Rolarsky if the "ROLARSKY '99" means what I think it does.

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What cost you think this seal could be? Something avarage


I do not know as I've never seen one for sale. If it's silver then it'll be more than if it's pewter or base metal. If these were produced en masse then its value will be bullion/melt value, I suspect, unless marketed to Charles alumni.

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Oh, sorry I almost forgot............

Thank you my friend. You really helped me. I own you one :)


You're welcome.


Just another thought, a hallmark will often be on the edge of the piece.

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