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Identifying 1671 Farthing Pattern


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All images & text courtesy of Wildwinds, a great site for collectors.


6th one down E_charlesII_P436-o.jpgE_charlesII_P436-r.jpg


Sale 31: The Pre-Long Beach Auction May 30 - June 1, 2005
Lot 2212Great Britain. Pattern copper Farthing, 1671. Charles II.
P-436. Listed by Peck among the "official farthings," and in fact
this is the pattern design most often seen, in silver, from this
reign. Lower grade silver coins are easily found in England, VF and
AEF pieces, but nicer silver ones are seldom found and must be
considered very rare in choice condition. However, copper specimens
are elusive, particularly this well preserved. Milk chocolate in
color, with remnants of luster adhering among the letters, the
surfaces emitting a lovely, glossy brown glow. Only tiny marks may
be seen. There are some usual, light die-flaws but these are
nothing. The king's portrait is especially appealing and well
engraved. This beautiful coin is one of the Cheshire Collector's
favorites, and we quote his comments and research here: "This great
rarity was produced before the beginning of the regular production
of farthings in 1672. Farthings were not made available to the
public until a week after the proclamation of 16 August 1672 and
Peck concludes that we should regard this 1671 farthing as 'the
final prototype of the current farthing, struck in anticipation of
the proclamation'. Listed by Peck as 'very scarce' the piece is now
seldom seen in any grade." NGC graded MS-63 Brown.
Estimated Value $1,400-1,600.
Provenance: The Cheshire Collection.
Realized $1,400
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