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I am desperately looking for the formula that calculates the value of a foreign silver coin.
For example, I have 14 Mexican silver pesos. They contain only .100% silver and each weighs at 17 Grams.

Now How would I calculate the entire amount of silver I have with these 14 coins? Do I do it like this: 14*17=238 grams


.100*238=23.8 grams of silver? 23.8/31.03=1.3 ounces of Mexican silver?


Oh, please try to explain this as simple as possible, I'm not a very smart man!

Please, please, please help and let me know asap-Thanks in advanced and may the valuable coins find there way into your pockets!

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You've pretty much got it, though on your last step your formula is right but you inversed the calculation.


For weight, I'd go to the 1/10 of a gram (e.g. 16.0g for a 1950s-50s Mexican 10% silver peso), and for grams/ounce, it's 31.1


14 * 16.0 * 0.100 / 31.1 = 0.72 troy ounces.

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The reality of the 10% silver coins are that, despite their silver content, it's inefficient to melt them down to extract silver from them.


Hence, you will be hard pressed to find people that are willing to pay the silver content value of them, unless their numismatic value are worth more than their melt value.

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But when silver passes a much higher price mark - like $40 an ounce, people will be willing to melt anything they can get their little hands on. So I'd hold them.

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