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Bolivia, Departemento del Beni, Francisco Suarez token

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Would anyone have a Rulau to hand for this early 20th century.token?

Obv. Francisco Suarez
Valor 2½ Centavos



Rev. Departemento del Beni Bolivia



Age, rarity, Rulau number & value would be of enormous help.


Mr. Suarez was not a pleasant man.





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Sir Roger Casement, sent by the British Foreign Office to investigate, coined the term "a crime against humanity"


See this link http://humanrightsdoctorate.blogspot.ca/2010/02/roger-casement-and-crimes-against.html


"They appear in Casement’s Putamayo Journal (available on Google book in http://amazon journal of roger casement, edited by Angus Mitchell), the diary he kept while conducting his humanitarian investigation into atrocities committed against the Putamayo Indians. Casement was posted as a UK diplomat to Brazil at the time, and was consular representative to the commission investigating rubber slavery in the Amazon region.
The references in the diary date to October 1910. On page 173: 'Besides, these men have never been punished for the most awful offences against humanity. Not one.' On page 178, Casement wrote of an Englishman’s defence of the company before the Peruvian Amazon Company Commission: 'This thing we find here is carrion - a pestilence - a crime against humanity, and the man who defends it is, consciously or unconsciously, putting himself on the side of the lowest scale of humanity..."

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Hello, I reside in Bolivia. There are three tokens for Francisco Suarez liisted in Russell Ruleau's 2nd edition. Denominations are 10 Centavos, 5 Centavos and 2 1/2 Centavos. The values shown are as follows:


10 Centavos $3.00 in VG to $25 in UNC

5 Centavos $20 in VF to $30 in UNC

2 1/2 Centavos $20 in VF to $27.50 in UNC


These prices are outdated! I have both the 5 and the 10 centavo examples. Last year I bought the 10 centavo for $55. If you want to sell it, let me know I may be interested. Ebay might be a good alternative as well.


If you are interested in additional accounts of the atrocities that took place during the height of the "Rubber Barons" There is a book called "The River that God Forgot" by Richard Collier. It is out of print, however I found a copy on Ebay and it is a very good read.

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