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Hello again. Thanks for the answers to my scratchy Lincoln cent obverse. It looks to be a common thing that has to do with the die at time of striking. I got an XF 1909-S for 115. Just because the seller put a caution that it may have been cleaned. I win.


Having to do with my Lincoln collection, I would like some opinions on Coin albums. I have had my collection in Whitman folders for all these years. I have all UNC from 37 to date. I have made many upgrades through the years. Now it's time for an album. I assume,,,, Dansco (7100) is the way to go. 1909 to 2009. With extra holes for a few more years. 2016 I think. No proofs, but does have a 1922-Plain hole. Which was a mistake. I'll just put a 22-D in their and who will know the difference? I was hoping to be proud of my album with only ONE blank spot. That 22-P can bite me.

Does anyone consider the Dansco albums to be the best ones? Thanks again,,,, Jim

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Hi Jim,


I have a nice run of Dansco albums and find them attractive and useful. I've never had a problem with one.

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