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Greetings from Sweden

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I just wanted to say hi to everyone and give a short introduction of myself.

As a coin collector I'm sort of a n0ob and I was quite surprised to find people collecting Swedish coins globally. Thus I figured it would be fun to join a international coin forum and see how the hobby manifests itself abroad.

If you have questions about Swedish coins I'll do my best to answer them. Remember, I'm still quite green and find coin grading very frustrating at times.


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Hello Kema and welcome to CoinPeople. Everyone has gone through that new period where grading and direction get quite confusing. Hope that you enjoy it here and that you make lots of Coin Friends along the way.

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Welcome :art:


I normally only collect old medal & tokens, just an occassional coin, so I am no help in grading coins but I do have a copy of "Sveriges Mynt 1521-1977, The Coinage of Sweden. By Bjarne Ahlstrom, Yngve Almer & Bengt Hemmingsson" so I might be able to assist you with info for Swedish coins from it.


I do have a few Swedish medals.

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More thanks for the warm welcome and I'm slowly starting to wrap my head around the whole grading bit. At times I get these urges to brach out and start collecting some American coins as well but to be honest I really don't have the funds to feed two collections. Do people trade coins or is it only buy/sell?

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Just my humble opinion:


A coin´s grade is only determined by me and it is not the most important value concerning my hobby. That means a coin is as desirable as i think and there are many more important criteria to me to buy or keep a coin.

I will never understand why a collector should be dependent on a grading service or by a coin in those plastic "coin-coffins". Think this grading circus is first of all for the investors world.


Why must you collect American coins? There are cheaper and more interesting areas in your neighborhood with much more historical background. If you get in contact to the local antiquities scene or metal detectors you may legally get some of their dirty coins for cheap. With some experience you will be able to clean them one day and get a fine collection of currency from the last centuries in your district.



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