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Bunch of Nice Cents

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Letting a bunch of nicer cents go on ebay this weekend, but figured I'd let ya'll take first shot. Will sell at 2006 redbook price if you want any.

I'll try to post the pics in my acct. Pm me if ya want more pics.


1862,, looks like it was cleaned

1909 au/bu some red

1909 bu, brown,, nice toning

1909 vdb au/bu

1909s au,, some luster

1909s f+

1910s f+

1911d ef/au

1911s ef+

1912d vf

1912s vf+/ef

1912s vf+/ef

1913d vf+/ef

1913d f++/vf

1913s vf+/ef

1914d vg,, about 70% full wheat lines

1914d g+/vg,,,some wheat lines visible

1914s vf+/ef

1915d ef+

1917d ef+

1918 au

1918 au/bu

1918d ef

1918d vg

1918s f

1919 au/bu

1919 au/bu

1919 ef

1919d ef

1919d vf/ef

1919s ef

1919s vf+/ef

1920 au/bu, some red

1920 au

1920d vf+/ef

1920d vg

1920s vg+

1921s f+++

1924 ef+/au

1924d f+++

1924d f+++

1925d vf+/ef

1926 ef/au

1926d vf

1926s vf/ef

1926s vf/ef

1926s vf/ef

1927d vf+/ef

1928 au/bu

1928d au/bu

1928d au/bu

1928s vf

1929d ef+

1929d au+

1931d vf+

1931s vg+

1931s vf/ef

1932 bu

1934 ef

1934d au/bu

1935 au/bu

1935d au/bu

1935s ef

1936 bu

...... and a bunch of bu's through 1958.

1955 po man's dd

and just for kicks,,, what looks like a brass plated 1998 cent (yellowish)

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