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Clydesdale Bank notes


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Hi guys,


I managed to get hold of a Clydesdale Bank note £20 value from the 2009 World Heritage series. Normally I would go ahead and spend it but I noticed that it's got the low serial number w/kw 000001. I just wanted to know, is this significant and does this hold any extra value? I don't collect bank notes so I'm either wanting to spend it or sell it... If anyone has any info that would be much appreciated.


The note has been circulated, which is how I got hold of it.



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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. I'd say it's a keeper, but I'm not even close to a note expert. Hopefully one of those will be along shortly.

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Indeed it is worth something to somebody - but being circulated is going to be a factor in the price. I used to actively collect Scottish banknotes, but only to 1970 and before. Everything made since then has been geared more towards selling to collectors at a premium price above the face value of the notes.

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Hi, there are collectors who are interested in low serial numbers, and the ultimate number is 1, so i would suggest that this note is in fact worth more than its face value. A lot of collectors however, would only consider the '1' notes in Unc or EF condition, so what you could get for it would very much depend on the condition of the note.



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