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Hello everyone as a newbie on this site i am looking for help on selling my gold sovereigns i have acquired recently, i no i have to be registered for about a month on this site

and make numerous posts before i can advertise, but i would like some advice on how to sell without going to dealers or auctions without taking a massive hit on my gold coins,

Maybe you guys might no people interested or yourselves for instance



Kind Regards


Nick Grainger

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Hello Nick and welcome to CoinPeople. Personally I have a fellow at my local coin club show every year who pays really good prices for silver and gold. When I have stuff to sell, I look him up. If you have coins with value beyond bullion, check out some of the reputable dealers in your area. Remember they have to make a living too. Or sell them yourself - ebay, craigslist, etc. BUT be very careful. We just had a dealer that we've known for years disappear when going out to do some "buying and selling".

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