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Don't Just Use Your Camera For Coins

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Wish I could get birds that colorful to my feeders -- all I've seen so far are house sparrows, European swallows, and one skittish northern cardinal who bolts as soon as I reach for my camera. There's a woodpecker nearby, but I don't want to coax it over because I don't need that right outside my window when I'm trying to sleep :D


I recently started a new set on my Flickr page for the birds visiting my feeders called Dinosaurs on my Windowsill -- I keep one feeder on the living room window, and one on a bedroom window, just a couple suet cake cages. So far I've got my best results keeping the window half shaded, and shooting through the blinds.


Do birds seem different to you when you remember they're all that's left of the dinosaurs?

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Great bird shots. They're beautiful creatures and you've photographed them wonderfully. Love the chipmunk too.

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WOW. I'm not just impressed with your photography skills but with the animals that you got at your backyard. Very very nice variety of them!

Thanks for the compliments, always welcome :)


I don't need much encouragement to post pictures of my visitors..........as you will see





A cropped image for a better look at her hairstyle. I love my Canon but for my medals & tokens I use a Fuji.




I find my flowers are easier than wildlife to capture as they tend to remain in the same place, so lighting & angles are a breeze.



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The food in the bird-feeders is a powerful incentive to stay. It is no coincidence that in most of my bird shots the bird is on the feeder.


Sometimes when I go to top-up the feeders a bird will fly off but land in one of the trees in my garden & watch, so I think that perhaps they have a sense that I am no danger to them & seem to tolerate me.


This is an older picture, it was beginning to get cooler and the female hummingbird was using this rose to perch on & then feeding & returning to the same spot on the rose repeatedly, tanking up for her trip south. It was a very dark overcast day, so I took a chair and whilst she was feeding I sat a few feet away from her perching spot..........so combined with the magnetism of a feeder & she being well used to me by then........



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Love the cardinal!

We have been having some tremendous rainfall today and it is very dark & cloudy, but with some small breaks, and one of Mrs Cardinals new arrivals appeared at the feeder. Sorry the picture is not the greatest but the light was so poor.



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Fledgling Baltimore Oriole, my backyard. For the first time, the woodpeckers have decided that what is okay for the Orioles is okay for them too!.



Not to be out done, even though there are humming-bird feeders.



Chippy watches all this audacity with amazement, oblivious to the fact he is not a bird!!!




Fledgling female Rose Breasted Grosbeak.





Fledgling Robin, but he already knows the value of a good umbrella.



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Very nice shots. You've got a very nice selection of birds visiting. I haven't been able to find bird feeders that keep the squirrels away. They empty the feeders pretty quickly. I think as part of the July 4th. holiday, I'll get a new bird feeder for the garden.

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All in my backyard, which is a lot of work but helps keep me fit!


Thanks guys, here is a combined image of 2 photos from early spring with the apple tree in full blosssom.




A northern flicker, what a striking bird.




and one of the wild bunnies, looks like he is poking his(green) tongue out.




A rare visitor, a Brown Thrasher, they are a very hard bird to get a good picture of because they skulk in thick undergrowth mostly, this one had a dip in the bird-bath and was drying in the sun




Another fledgling.......Cowbird.



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More nice shots. It's wonderful that you enjoy working your backyard and the animals are reaping the rewards too.

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Frannie's garden - 1975 Marietta Ga


20939747092_1ce41fe56b_c.jpgimg154 by Art OConnell, on Flickr



I built the fence.

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