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is it rare? 1 EURO cent germany A 2005

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I don't think it's rare. Here's some info on German euros.



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:bthumbsup: art, seems that you dont hold them everyday in hand.

1,2 and 5 cents supposed to be copper(red or brown) This one is golden. I have seen pictures in forum about these before. For sure it is rarer than normal one but personally i dont collect euro coins and dont know much more.

Nice find anyway!


Edit: If this would be lincoln 1 cent and made from brass or nickel, it would be ultimate rarity and $$$ signs would blink but not sure about euro coins.

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I suspect this isn't rare at all.


The Euro cent is copper plated, if I'm not mistaken, and so a common experiment done by schoolchildren to make them appear gold would be the answer, involving zinc. Here's a link showing how, but with other coins that are copper-plated. As for worth, I'd guess just one Euro cent, unfortunately.

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