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Chile and US (Vatican?) medals.

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I recently purchased a random lot of medals relatively cheaply (majority were Finnish). There were two that were from elsewhere: one from Chile and one from the US? Just curious if anyone would have more detailed info about either of these: year struck, amount made, occasion, what org commisioned, etc. (Of course the latter was for the World Fair.) They are not my area of collecting, but when I can get medals on the cheap, it's a neat distraction from my normal collecting.





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Very nice finds. I don't have any info on them but the Worlds' Fair medal brings back a lot of good memories.

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Thanks for this. I guess no strike figures are kept (or publicized) for such items? As for the value, I'm realistic. :) Anyhow, I paid €28 for the entire lot of about 20 medals. The value of two of the Finn medals alone already 'covered' the cost, so if it is worth only $10 I'm ahead. :)


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As for the Bernardo O'Higgins medal, this is the only page of substance that I have been able to find:


It is shown as medal #5, but besides the name of the artist, it doesn't offer that much more. I do know it was struck at the Santiago mint as the medal has the "o" over "S" mintmark.

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