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I started collecting in the mid 1950's but have been out of the hobby for at least a few decades. I've been back in since February of 2014 and wow, a lot has happened since I was last active! New varieties, the Mint has gone nuts with commems, PCGS has taken the lead and ANACS barely exists.. and zinc pennies are uglier than ever :)
I feel like Rip Van Winkle. There's a lot I know and a lot that has happened since then that I have to learn about.
So here I am! I have a blog where I write about coins daily - I don't sell anything, but I don't know how this place feels about links from newbies, so I won't link to it. I collect by type with a little exonumia.
In February I had only two coins I had not sold years and years ago. I've been rebuilding my collection since then but have a long way to go.


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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople and welcome back to collecting. Hope that you enjoy it here and that you make many new collecting friends. You can always add the link to your blog to your signature line.

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You can always add the link to your blog to your signature line.


Yeah, I'll wait on that too. I just got a suspension at another site because I didn't read their rules carefully (or really, didn't realize how stringently they meant them). That wasn't a link issue; it was a topic thing, but still, I'd rather be careful. I put it in my profile so if anybody really wants to find it, they can.

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