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omnicoin issue

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I'll send Anton a pm about it. I just loaded a bunch yesterday and didn't have anything outside the normal crash type messages.

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hey omnicoin is still broken what gives?


I can use it without problem. I get those weird adding coin error screen but it adds them fine. I've sent a pm to Anton but haven't heard back from him. In fact, I haven't heard anything from him in quite some time.

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let's see


refuses to upload anything


now that sounds like a major issue to me art maybe it works sometimes but unlucky for me it's not working at all, something is wrong and it needs to be


fixed ASAP


Got you there Colin. As I've said, I've tried to make it fail but it keeps working for me. I think it just needs to be refreshed. Unfortunately Anton is the only one who can get that done. I'll send him another pm today and see if that might help. I took a look at his stuff on flickr too and don't see any activity there either.


In the mean time, please do into your computer and delete all you cookies and such and give it another try. If you get an error message, please do a "Print Screen" and save it so it can be sent to Anton and the support folks. Thanks.

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