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Ugly Coin Competition 2014 1B1 Round 1 Group 5/5


UCC 1B1 Round 1 Group 5  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Please vote for the ugliest coin

    • ikaros' 1963 Fiji Penny
    • ScottO's 1830 Guernsey 1 Double

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Ugly Coin Competition 2014

Ugly By Design

I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Engraved That Way

1970 and Before

ikaros' 1963 Fiji Penny

It's actually kind of hard to say this has poor design, since it's hard to say it has any design at all. Outside of a standardized crown, and denticles around the outer and inner rims, it's all text. I realize a holed coin presents certain design challenges -- and I happen to think changing our penny and nickel to having holes might be a solution to their cost-to-produce problem -- but it's one that was met here by simply not bothering. If the design of this coin says anything, it's "Holy Toledo, this is due tonight?



ScottO's 1830 Guernsey 1 Double

Not really much design here.







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