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UCC14 Nomination Thread 2B2: 1971 And Later-Ugly By Design-You Poor Poor Thing


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Ugly By Design
You Poor Poor Thing

Please enter your coins from 1971 and after have been deliberately altered, manhandled, experimented upon, hacked up, run over by a train, or the like. Elongated coins should go here.

For each coin, please enter the following information:

Your ID
The URL for the coin image on Omnicoin
A brief identification of the coin
(optional) Any further relevant information

So an entry might look like the following:

Unknown date, possibly a Euro cent
Repeatedly exposed to gas flame on my range then quenched in ice water, just to see what would happen.

You may enter a maximum of five (5) coins.

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Columbus Zoo elongated cent

When I moved last summer, I dropped a handful of pennies including some elongated cents on the windowsill in my bedroom. Condensation and direct sun turned an otherwise lovely embossed line art of a lion into this corroded disaster.

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