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UCC14 Nomination Thread 2A1: 1971 And Later-Ugly By Nature-Aging Like Mayonnaise


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Ugly By Nature
Aging Like Mayonnaise

Please enter your coins from 1971 and after that simply haven't aged well. This is a subjective call; entrants in this thread should be simply heavily worn through mainly natural means.

For each coin, please enter the following information:

Your ID
The URL for the coin image on Omnicoin
A brief identification of the coin
(optional) Any further relevant information

So an entry might look like the following:

1976 UK 1 Penny
Heavily worn UK penny found in a Coinstar reject tray

You may enter a maximum of five (5) coins.


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Art1.2 2A1#1


2006 Belgium 2 Euro Commemorative

While this is an attractive and interesting design on paper and on truly uncirculated coins, a small amount of circulation renders the design flat and unattractive. I have yet to find a strongly struck version of this coin but definitely would like to.

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1992 - mexico 1 peso


possibly a slightly weak strike on the obverse has led to the wear of this coin almost completly rubbing out the obverse design





1986 500 lira - san Marino


not even that much wear on the coin, however the coin has very little design, and the obverse design, the detail for the most part is nearly gone.





1976 1 Krone - norway


Age hasn't been good to poor Olav making him completly bald, the reverse design is rather bland, however due to heavy circulation the coin is heavily scratched





1974 2 Santimat


Age has almost worn the obverse portrait to nothing more then a shape, with only the deeper lines of the facial features and the ears showing, and the legend on the obverse almost worn away, the reverse design also, all details on the raised parts of the coat of arms are flat.





1989 £1. Isle of Man


age is never kind on the Pound Coin, esepcially here where there are deep scratches all over the obverse from circulation.

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