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UCC14 Nomination Thread 1B1: 1970 And Earlier-Ugly By Design-I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Engraved That Way


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Ugly By Design
I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Engraved That Way

Please enter your coins from 1970 and before that are examples of poor aesthetics. This is a monumentally subjective call; entrants in this thread should simply exemplify poor design. Due to the particularly subjective nature of this category, your comments as to why it is poor/unaesthetic design are strongly recommended.

For each coin, please enter the following information:

Your ID
The URL for the coin image on Omnicoin
A brief identification of the coin
(optional) Any further relevant information

So an entry might look like the following:

1944 Ecuador 5 Sucres
There are some faces you just don't want in your pocket.

You may enter a maximum of five (5) coins.

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Art1.2 1B1#1


1696 England 6d

Very unattractive portrait. The coin is in fine shape and shows only modest signs of wear. It has a rather large crease from early in its life but has not split or cracked along the crease line indicating that it has been saved from circulation for a long time. Ugly - yes, but I like it a lot.

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Art1.2 1B1#2


1819 George III 6d

One of the top contenders for unattractive portraits as far as I'm concerned. No disrespect meant but this is not an attractive man and the profile portrait is not in any way flattering. A bit of "photoshopping" would have helped. A bit of wear shows circulation and a mild series of edge dings confirms actual use vs. pocket piece or such. Another ugly coin but one which I treasure.

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1825 Farthing

Britannia is not on trial here. No, the obverse portrait is what moves this poor thing into contention. Even taking into account the then-current Neoclassical style in art and architecture, I question the wisdom of producing a portrait of the king that would genuinely look more appropriate surrounded by the legend "NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR".




1969 Polish 10 złotych, 25th anniversary of the Polish Communist Party

I take it as an article of faith that Polish coinage of the 1960s and 1970s have probably the best design work of the Cold War era. And the engravers at the Polish mint, despite state control of pretty much everything, were able to get away with many issues on themes that would have been impossible anywhere else in the Warsaw Pact. Which might actually explain this odd design "commemorating" (if that's the right word) the 25th anniversary of the then-ruling Polish Communist Party. What you have is a half-dollar sized coin with a nickel's worth of design: if you place a nickel over the design, it looks like a completely blank planchet, other than a bit of the denomination on the reverse. What this coin really represents -- and I hope this was the designer's thinking regarding the subject -- is a terrific waste of space.





1963 Fiji penny

It's actually kind of hard to say this has poor design, since it's hard to say it has any design at all. Outside of a standardized crown, and denticles around the outer and inner rims, it's all text. I realize a holed coin presents certain design challenges -- and I happen to think changing our penny and nickel to having holes might be a solution to their cost-to-produce problem -- but it's one that was met here by simply not bothering. If the design of this coin says anything, it's "Holy Toledo, this is due tonight?

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1638 1/4 ore - sweden


not the worst design in the world, I do like the crudeness of it, the issue here is that the coin was made by the casting technique, and has had a lot of extra metal on the design from where the metal has ran.





1830 1 double, Guernsey


not really much design here.





1855 prince edward Isle 1 cent


the entire design is lettering and the date, the only other thing is a small marking at the bottom on one side. and given the timeframe, are rather boring coin given the designs of many countries around this time.





1866 III cents -USA


not a fan of the reverse design, the dinks and chips on the obverse do not help the coin either, but I just fine the use of 3 I's and a wreath and nothing else rather boring





1944 - 2 franc liberation issue


compared to all other french coins, there is little in terms of design, the obverse is just FRANCE and a wreath.

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