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UCC14 Nomination Thread 1A2: 1970 And Earlier-Ugly By Nature-Victims of Circumstance


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Ugly By Nature
Victims of Circumstance

Please enter your coins from 1970 and before that have suffered natural environmental damage beyond normal wear. This is a subjective call; entrants in this thread should be coins that have experienced damage beyond what a coin should expect going from pocket to pocket.

For each coin, please enter the following information:

Your ID
The URL for the coin image on Omnicoin
A brief identification of the coin
(optional) Any further relevant information

So an entry might look like the following:

Unknown US Half Cent
According to family legend, this was chewed up by my great great great great great grandparents' family goat.

You may enter a maximum of five (5) coins.


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Art1.2 1A2#1


1848 US Large Cent with a combination of pre-strike planchett damage and minor corrosion that was post-mint damage. Overall it's a beautiful coin (my opinion) but a fine example of both types of damage on a single surface.

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Art1.2 1A2#2


1840 US Large Cent - The blue background color that you can see at the edges of this coin is accurate. Coin is discolored and has many surface scratches and is quite porous probably from being buried in the ground for a considerable period of time.

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Art1.2 1A2#3


1858 Flying Eagle Cent - small letters variety. The coin has suffered corrosion. The corrosion is evenly distributed on the surface and effects both the obverse and reverse. I believe the coin must have been buried in the soil for an extended period of time with all surfaces coming into contact with evenly moist soil and no major obstructions. Overall a very nice example of this beautiful series. This coin is graded by ANACS as EF net VF20. I agree with the grading.

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