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I'm back! And back to the discussion of Russian coins


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Just in case you wondered if I disappeared off the face of the world - yes I did, but just for a short period of time :) Found myself a job and I feel extremely lucky. Did sell off some of the duplicates and that did help a bit.


I've been looking through at some listings on ebay and I admit that I'm surprised over the amount of copies and "pattern" coins listed in particular by Russian sellers. While the Soviet pattern coins are copies, I admit that some of them look quite good if not deceptive. Even the Barcelona Olympic coins as well as some of the tougher bi-metal coins such as Chechen copies are available! I personally though that modern circulating coins cannot be copied however I don't know anything about Russia on her stance of counterfeit / copy coins.


Guess that's all for now. Will be uploading some of the hundred of coins that I never got around to as well as working on my homepage.


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