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Double eagle type set

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Cost is such a crazy thing, espcially since I bough most of them when gold was less than $300/oz. I think each of the Saints was less than $400, same with the Type 2, the Type 3 I think was around $550, and the Type 1 was the most expensive at around $750. Of course with gold so much higher now, many of those prices have doubled or more.


I originally wanted to post these photos individually in the museum section, but it won't let me post the photos with dynamic links as images, but only links, so I tried this instead. At least all the types are represented, except the HR Saint and the Paquet reverse Type 1, but those could almost be considered patterns.

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Ahhh... The HR...Someday, someday...actually, they are extremely beautiful, and I want one, but it's not in my budget right now. Actually, I am quite happy in my pursuit of the rarer dates that are often less expensive than an HR. There are much larger populations of HRs available, but the demand is so great that the price ends up being at least 5 figures. There are much harder Saints to find, like many of the branch mint coins of the 1920s that are much less than 5 figures. But someday, I will find the right one, and it will beckon...

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