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US Mint Native American Code Talkers Medal Set

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I knew that the US Mint was issuing Navajo Code Talkers Medals for a while now BUT when I started to do some research on them, I found out that there's a whole series of medals for Native American Code Talkers. The stories of these brave men have interested me since I met one of the Navajo Talkers at a book intro in Santa Fe in 1999 or 2000. I have wanted to get the Navajo medal and have been looking for one that is NGC or PCGS slabbed. It keeps the medal in nice shape. I could always provide my own slab but haven't gotten around to it.


So I'm going to start the series with the Navajo Medals. They come in 3" and 1.5". I'm ordering one of each so that I can decide which would suit my collecting desires better. Does anyone collect these medals? Anyone ever see one slabbed by any service? Anyone have a good reference for a make your own slab that I could get to fit them?





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I'd like to get one of the 3" medals myself, but prefer to keep it in the original packaging.


I can understand that. I was thinking of building an entire set of the Code Talkers Medals and thought having them in slabs would make an attractive display. Thinking of an exhibit for coin shows - maybe next FUN next year.

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Here's a death notice for one of the last of the Code Talkers. He was 96 years old and died on March 31,2014.


13781453595_e88c1f502c_b.jpgCode Talkers 1 by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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