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Elongated coins

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Michigan State numismatic club 50th year nickle
The reverses follow the obverse of the coin. Sometimes they are more interesting than the obverse The Marysville coin club always has interesting pressing.


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Very nice squishers. There are still a number of places that have machines so you can make your own squished coins. There are a number of websites dedicated to this hobby. Below is one that I have found interesting.



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Very neat items. Is the color off on the photos? They appear to be copper squished coins but are obviously based on Jefferson Nickels.

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Yes it is due to reflection of my hands holding the phone taking the photos. You don't want to see the color corrections I tried to do as they were worse. I will have to figure something out since this is a new development. Same with some of the Mardi Gras doubloons which are natural aluminum.

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That's what caught my eye on the Halloween nickles the package was on the reverse, and there was enough patina on them when they were run thru the rollers the dark was such a great contrast on them, on some of them you are right the reverse is beter than the obverse.

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I was looking at this topic and thought I should post a couple of pictures of Swiss Schutzenfest medals that are oval. They are not elongated coins as per the usual here in the states but are struck/rolled in this fashion.



The first is from Uster in the canton of Zürich, 1978 small caliber Cantonal Shoot. 33mm X 30mm and 7.3 grams .900 silver.








The second is from the Canton of Appenzell, 1977 Cantonal Shoot, 34mm X 29mm and 7.25 grams .900 silver



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