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Tennesse State Quarter


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50,000,000 Elvis fans? :ninja:


Actually, I don't know. As you say it is not the lowest mintage. Has to be either more demand, those who have them are not giving them up, or less of them were saved in the first place, I would imagine. Not sure of the specifics but that is usually the way the marlet works.

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I ask this question to coin dealer and this was their take:

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your resent email.

The Tennessee quarter with the P mint mark did not have as many minted

as some of the other state quarters so it made it more valuable because of

a lower mintage. I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for thinking of

x Coin Company.


But this mintage is still high.

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this is my oppinion of the state quarters.....there are NO state quarters out there nor will there ever be any which will ever be RARE...they are pumping these stinkin things out faster then you could ever imagine....with mintages in the half billions or more for each quarter how are they ever going to be rare????


the maine quarters have a total mintage of 448,800,000 coins.... just some calculations...


1 state quarter is .0689in thick


if you stacked all the maine quarters produced on top of each other..your stack would be 858,953 yards tall.....that's over 488 Miles!!!! that's outer space!!


compaired to lets say the 1909 S VDB with a production of 484,000


with a thickness of .05in your stack would be 614.68 meters tall that's .38 of a mile.....just to put things in prespective....



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ok, ok, ok....fine let me amend my statement....there are no regular production quarters that will be rare



You probably have a point because those coins that were minted to commemorate 1776-1976 coins aren't worth much either. I don't see that many around in pocket change so I quess people them away just for a novelty.

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I have a feeling that they are going to be like the steel cents made in 1943... I get at least 5 calls a week here at the shop asking if they are millionaires cause they have a "silver cent" The thing is everyone hung on to them because they were different....just like these quarters....I had a lady last week bring me a 4 gallon jug full of steel cents...

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