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What premium are you paying for silver bullion?


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I'm starting to save additional money for not only stocks but for bullion. I feel, for no SUPER exact reason, that silver is still a great source to invest in for even the short future (<5 years). I'm looking into getting silver bars and such that have NO collectable value. Don't need Maples or ASE.


What premium are you paying over spot? I heard <$1 + spot is a good deal for generic bars. Was looking at doing maybe 10oz every couple months to keep the supply moving. It seems easier to move than silver junk and such.

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My last bars were 21.999 each. So that was about 1.89 over spot. A bit high but not all that bad for 1 oz bars. Much lower than anything I could get locally and that included shipping.


10oz bars carried a smaller premium but would make it harder for me to divide the bars if I decide to give them to the grandkids.

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