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New Banknotes for Ukraine!


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Ok, here meet sketches of new Ukrainian money:



In fact there is still minimum information about the change in particularities. Reportedly Germany prints and does it in strict secrecy. Giesecke&Devrient design.

Well, find already myself being ready to buy some extra "old" currently acting in Ukraine hryvna banknotes.
Srsly, will pay shipping. Thnx.


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NBU does design and print it's own notes currently - not sure what those G+D notes are or if they are even real ideas for notes to be printed in the future.


Here is a test note I bought in Kyiv a few years ago:




This is printed by NBU in secure facility in Kyiv. In the first years ie 1992, coins were minted in Luhans'k, but now they are also minted in Kyiv.

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There're indeed too many questions and too little error free information now.

Brought it from here:


Scroll down the article itself and find the comment left under by 'odessitos'.

"NBU does design and print' it's own notes currently" - ok, but not sure that amid the ongoing deep political and economical crisis in Ukraine the NBU does still appear being working without assistance from the same EU. Finally... who are all those people occupying currently cabinets in Kiev?? At least haven't heard Ukraine have held legal election yet. Considering the current atmosphere in Ukraine find myself being absolutely ready to believe that Munich could be printing notes for Kiev now.

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