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Is a $100,000 dollar note illegal to have?


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This is a strange question to have but my dad wanted me to do some research on this $100,000 dollar note and so I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone knew the answer.


I actually have 2 questions for this community.


The first question is about the $100,000 dollar note.


Is it illegal to have one in possession?


The reason why I asked is because last year I inherited a note which is suppose to be a $100,000 dollar note from my uncle who passed away in the Philippines 2-years ago. I'm afraid to even show it to people or take a picture of it because my dad said he read some where that it's illegal to even have in your possession.


The way my uncle got is he was a very well known Catholic Priest in the southern Islands of the Philippines. He was good friends with the government officials and also made good friends with the 'Monkey' tribe who were the radicals that opposed the Philippine government and lived in the mountains in the southern Philippines. My uncle was kind of like the Ambassador or diplomat between the Philippine government officials and the Monkey people that lived in the mountains.


As a gift of from the Monkey People... they gave my uncle this $100,000 dollar note along with a Gold Bullion with some strange spanish symbols on it that I can't find anywhere else. (That leads to my 2nd question later on.)


They told my uncle they found these items in a plane that crashed in the mountains in the Southern Philippines during World War II. When they found the crashed planes... inside the planes were what they originally thought were big black refrigerators that were very heavy to move. When they finally managed to open up what they originally thought were refrigerators actually turned out to be big giant 'Safes'.


Inside this safe was supposedly these various different large denomination bills ($100,000 dollar notes) along with Gold Bullion bars.


So when my uncle passed away 2-years ago... I inherited the $100,000 dollar note along with the Gold Bullion bar with the strange spanish symbols on it. The Gold Bullion bar is really heavy... I'd say maybe 10 pounds I would guess. Maybe more. Not exactly sure.


I've been a little hesitant to ask people about this because I don't want to get in trouble in case the $100,000 dollar note is indeed real and also illegal to have in possession. I have no way to verify if it is or not... I just know the story of how my uncle got it from the Monkey people that lived in the mountains and how I inherited both the note and the gold bullion bar.


We tried to have the Gold Bullion bar checked out by a collector and even he didn't know what the spanish looking symbols where or where this Gold Bullion bar actually originated from. It looks very old.


I know they did several tests with the bar trying to weigh it, then hitting it with some strange device to see the sound it makes which was almost a hollow sounding sound. The collector said the only way to really tell if it's real gold is to have it melted and tested... but we didn't want to do that. He just knew the symbols on the bar intrigued him because they looked like something he's never seen before.


I guess I just want to know... is there anything I can do with these 2 items?


I am at least curious to know if they are worth anything... which I think if they are real... could really be worth a lot. But I'm also a little afraid because I don't even know if they're even legal to have.


I didn't bring them back to the U.S. from the Philippines. Both items are kept in a safe place with my cousins who live in the southern Island of the Philippines in Mindanao.


But I just thought I'd throw this question out there just in case and see if anyone out here knows more about the $100,000 dollar note or the strange gold bullion bar with spanish symbols on it.


Any feedback anyone can provide would be much appreciated.




-- Curious Newbie


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The only way we can tell is if we see an image, however, as the others have said, you would be the luckiest man on earth if you did have an original one. Since they were only used between banks I would hardly believe one would make it to the Philippines nor can I imagine a reason it would be flying over eastern Asia.


Regarding the gold bar, whoever said you need to melt it down is horribly mistaken. You can take a small scraping off the surface to determine if the outside is gold (it would make an indistinguishable mark). To tell if it is SOLID gold, you would need to make a very small drilling through the center. Take the shavings and melt just the shavings down to determine what the center material is. There may be other ways to do this that I am not aware of. But bottom line is that you don't need to destroy the bar to determine if it's gold or not.


First and foremost, regarding the bar, take the dimensions, determine what it SHOULD weight (use the density of gold to turn volume to weight) and then actually weight it. If it's even close, then you'll have to do the other tests, as some metals weight very close to gold (I think Tungsten is a common fake gold material).

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No, this not is definately not real, especially with no picture to prove. It's not the first time that I saw that people posted that they found or were given a 100,000 dollar bill in the Philippines.

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Interesting blog and entries.

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How about this ?n i have friend working at bank and my friend told me this its real one so is there some one now how worth this bill ?


There are so many problems with that note I don't even know where to begin.


If your friend at the bank says it's real, why didn't you just deposit the note at that bank and spend the money on something nice?

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They have never been legal for anyone that wasn't a Federal Reserve Bank to own, starting with the fact that they are all gold certificated issued after it was illegal for all US citizens to own more than $100 in gold certificates! These sorts of things come up all the time in other countries but the story is always the same, they are always fakes.

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jtryka, this is interesting. I didn't know this about the $100,000 issue (date of issue being after Gold Certs demonetization). Made me look a bit deeper.


Checking uspapermoney.info, it appears that $500 and $5,000 were not even printed. Moreover, and this is also new information for me, apparently, not just the $100,000, but all Gold Certificates denominations from the 1934 series were only intended for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and other Governments.


Thanks for spurring this extra digging.

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On 09.01.2015 at 04:24, jtryka said:

Tüm ABD vatandaşları için 100 $ 'dan fazla altın sertifikasına sahip olduklarından yasadışı olduktan sonra, bunların hepsi de altın sertifikalı oldukları gerçeğinden yola çıkarak, Federal Rezerv Bankası'nın sahibi olmadıkları için hiç yasal olmadılar! Bu tür şeyler her zaman diğer ülkelerde ortaya çıkıyor ama hikaye her zaman aynı, her zaman sahte.


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