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Some mid-1800's dimes

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Hello from a new member!


I'm here because I wasn't sure where to turn. Decades ago, my grandfather gave me some old coins he'd been saving. The oldest coins are three dimes (actually, I think the 1867 coin is a half-dime?) from 1853, 1833 and 1867. The rest are some silver dimes, buffalo nickles, silver halves, etc. I looked up some values, but I really don't know how to judge condition, or how best to sell them if that's what I end up doing (don't have any kids or family to pass them on to--and I have enough to do w/o picking up another interest!).


I know I don't want to take them anywhere locally w/o having a fair idea of what I actually have, so any info would be appreciated!

Thanks! --Ron



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Hello Ron and welcome to CoinPeople. Coin #3 is actually a three cent piece.


It's easy to do a sanity check on value using ebay. For example #1 - 1853 dime - arrows at date.


They seem to have sold recently in the 4-7 dollar range. So I'm guessing that a sale to a dealer of this coin would net you just around the silver value plus a dollar or so. I'm guessing 4 dollars. I'd grade it as Good if I were looking to purchase it. Remember to do advanced search and check the "sold listings" box.

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Since no one to leave this all to, no relatives, no kids, etc. Then just start asking around people you know, neighbors, etc. if any are interested in coins. Usually there are always someone that collects coins. Since too nothing of excessive value, would made a great stqrt for some kid. Just ask around where you live or work.

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