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Like those Government of India notes. They cannot be very common. 20 rupees was even more than a gold Mohur, I believe a mohur was 15 rupees?


Yes Mohur (which literally means a seal) was a Gold coin worth 15 rupees. The Green underprint issues are a bit rarer than the later red underprint ones. Here is an example of the red underprint note (this type is easily available)



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Not sure if I have an 1897, but here is 1896 from Uruguay:





A stunning example of a lovely Giesecke and Devrient print with tight multiple printing passes that result in a multi-colour wonder.


:bthumbsup: That's a beautiful note!

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I was wondering when we'd hit the first roadblock on dates. Think of how many notes even just those of us on this thread have - I don't know if I should be surprised that we haven't got an 1897, or that we've made it this far before stalling.


Let's hope one of us gets one soon - I like this thread!

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