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first time back in a while


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Hey everyone


Long time no hear. I have still been busy over the past few months w/ my collectin'. I recently acquired a 1939 Netherlands 2 1/2 Gulden and a 1780 Austrian Maria Theresa thaler that is a later restrike. Also acquired an 1869 Papal States 10 Soldi, a 1744 Louis XVI commemorative token, and a 1944 Curacao 1/10 gulden over the net. My biggest score tho was thru visiting one of my favorite coin watering holes here. For $10 found: 1703 Denmark 8 Skilling (holed), 1767 Danish West Indies 12 Skilling (holed), 1767 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Schilling, 1758 Hamburg Schilling, 1799 British farthing 1870 Spain 10 Centimos, 1950 Australian sixpence, 1953 Canada 10 cents, plus a number of large British bronze coins. It is not often that you get an opportunity to acquire four 18th century silver coins in a store for less than the cost of an American silver half dollar.

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