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An interesting Bhutan 1/2 rupee overstruck coin over India


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This coin took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting anything like this.




From my understanding, this coin is struck in between 1820 - 1835. Bhutan coins circulated along Indian coins as presumably it was cheaper to import coins instead of striking fresh coins.


While you think it's a coin full of jumbled characters, there is something unusual - that is if you look really hard in this orientation, you can see the characters "ONE".




This appearently is overstruck over an Indian 1/4 anna. Of which era / reign it is, I am not too sure yet. I am not well versed in Indian coinage and hope you can lead me in the right direction. I will have to purchase a 1/4 anna coin for comparsion.


That said, the existance of this coin got me interested - was it common for Bhutan to overstrike coins? From what I looked at, this does not seem to be the case. Maybe you happen to have one hiding somewhere in your collection?




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Wow! So what you're saying is... this coin was a British coin struck for India that made its way to Bhutan to be overstruck then made its way home?

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This is a large image of the underlaying coin. Note that each picture is 1.3mb each.


And I've highlighted the underlying characters that I could make out. This only appears on Indian 1/4 anna.


I'm confident that you should be able to see the characters. Weight of this coin is 3.78g. I believe this coin has been cut. I haven't measured the diameter of the coin yet.

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Clear as day now that you pointed that out. I can see some of the design on the reverse side, too. I hope someone posts a pic of an unadulterated anna.

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