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PCI 5 - 500 to 1499 AD Entry Thread

Guest Stujoe

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This is the call for entries for the PCI Season 5.


Please place your entries for the PCI Category


500 to 1499 AD


in this thread.


Please give me a short description of the coin and a link to the omnicoin.com page for each coin entered.




1965 UK Churchill Crown



Limit is two coins per person per category to start. If I need more coins for a category down the road, I will call for more and it will be first come, first served.


Thanks for entering!

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Byzantine Empire AE Follis 969-1035 AD. Obv: Bust of Christ. Rev: +IHSUS KRISTUS BASILEU BASILE (Jesus Christ King of Kings)



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This is the only coin in my collection I would not sell unless it was for an upgrade. It is a large (over 16 grams) bronze 12 nummia. The coin is of a Byzantine type that is common enough. The reverse features the number 12 and the mint Alex for Alexandria Egypt. The obverse the portrait of the emperor but with sun and crescent moon symbols. This coin was no ordinary Byzantine production but stems from the Sasanian Persian occupation of Egypt from 618-627 AD. The near destruction of Byzantium by 622 AD and the crippling counterstrike by Heraclius against the Sasanians in 628 AD weakened both empires and greatly contributed to the Arab conquest of Iran, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and much of the classical world. As a symbol of the beginning of the end of two empires and the rise of a third this coin is one I consider the most historic in my collection.



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