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scots and brits please read

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Christmas is soon and I need some help every year shopping for a gift for my grand mother gets harder last year it was next to impossible. Any way this time I got an idea she showed me a british penny from 1900 that she kept because it was her fathers birth year so i thought to my self i could make a coin set for her as a gift. She is scottish and was born in 1940 my ideas are listed below.


.1940 British coin set


.1940 Scottish coin set


.1900 British coin set


.1900 Scottish coin set


My question is which set is easiest to make, what denominations are there and what prices am I looking at per set in vf or EF on the Sheldon grading system but without the gold pieces and maundy money.

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There are no specifically Scottish coins after 1707 - but there were "Scottish" shillings that were minted from 1937-70 that have a different reverse with the Scots lion instead of the English one. I have many thousands of British coins in a rather sizable accumulation that I am at current sifting through for dispersal soon. I know I have coins of both dates - nae sure of finding complete sets of the 1900 though. 1940 is a wee bit easier, do bear patience an' I'll get back to ya with what I hae.

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Thanks scottishmoney, as far as the Scottish coins go were there only shillings produced those years.because if so I will just make the 1940 set plus the Scottish shilling.

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Headed to 2 shops on the weekend well see what I can get should be fun one is in a flee market, not my favorite atmosphere but when the owner leaves for a cigarette I get to watch the stand and search for whatever I want same stuff but I always find new stuff this is also the place I talked about in my post ms 66 should be fun :-) can't wait ⏳

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