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a story and a question


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Headed down to my LCS today for my first day cherry picking and was happily surprised.


I am a collector of canadian silver dollars and their varieties. So l get there and pull up a chair and the owner emediately pulls out a tray of dollars and than a nother tray and then a nother tray and a storage box of dollars I hadn't been for a month or so there wasn't much new but he did have some UNC british gold from the 1700s(wow) some 1947 dollars UNC as well there was also a trey of tokens and last but not least the trey of shame amongst it was about 5 1947 dollars that were tortured and shined up by a polishing wheel and a set of 1953 pl coins that turned out to be circulation issues with cameo.


I eventually made my way to the dollar box which I had seen a million times before but this time I had my Charlton 2012 catalog with dollar varieties so I snooped around them a little and hit a jack pot I found a 1962 double arrow head and a 1962 single arrowhead in UNC plus with cream tones on each for $15 a peice , a 1955 fu Manchu die clash ms 62 plus for $30 and a 1960 double punched 0 in UNC plus for $15

Sadly I only had enough money for the 1960 and 1955 and some storage boxes when I got home I found to my surprise that the 1955 was worth at least $125 in that condition with that error =-O while in my LCS I noticed unattractive toning on the obverse of the 1960 so my dealer dipped it for me when he came back he was drying it with a paper towel my question is does this hurt the value the coin is only ms 60 and I am probably overreacting opinions welcome and I'd love to hear what you think of my story.

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It is a family run and owned business (3 generations) and it is a really nice place and they tend to give me lots of discounts it is always nice talking to Sam or Ameal they always have good stuff and good stories weather it be a rare mule from 2000 with only 5 known or winning big at a casino. It is always fun there sadly he says that business is slowing down and I ask you to all pray for it to pick up.

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