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An interesting Austrian coin overstruck coin over Nazi coin


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I have been hunting for this coin for a while and it turns out to be a lot more difficult than you can imagine.

This is the coin for discussion:


Overstruck over this particular coin:


I'll be honest - this has obliterated most of the details from the original host coin and I cannot tell what the year and mintmark is. However, if you rotate the coin about 20 degrees clockwise, you should be able to see the figure "10". This design is only present in the German / Nazi era coinage.

As of why this happened, I'm not too sure but I suspect this occured after the time when Austria was under German "unification". Austria would have been minting coins under the Reich regime and when this was over, some left over planchets and coins were used to strike new coins.

Very interesting coinage and I reckon it's difficult to assemble a nice clear set of overstrike. While this is not a clear overstrike and I hope to get a better example, there is a better image found here:



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Neat! If I'm not mistaken, the Third Reich zinc minors continued to circulate in Austria for some time (while in Germany they were removed after the 10:1 conversion from the Reichsmark to the DM.

One thing I have wondered about is the early ie the pre-1940 coins that were struck in aluminium bronze - could they have seen some circulation in Germany after the DM was introduced - they were very similar compositions to the DM era pfennig coins - especially the 10pf coin. I never saw any coins dated before 1950 in circulation in Germany when I was there - even though there were 1948 and 1949 Bank Deutscher Lander coins circulated at that time.


Austria went back to the schilling and kept the minor coins but despite discussion of revaluing the schilling they never did. So it kept the old 1:1 value with the older RM. Curiously I was reading that there is an passage in the current German constitution about the possibility of Austria joining Germany in a Federation - a bit curious that such was allowed after the Allied Control Commission that oversaw everything in Germany from 1945-1990.

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