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1878 russian ruble fake or not?


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I was about to say "no way" but I looked at my almost-worn-flat pocket piece and the Д is raised like that on it, as well. That's not proof of anything however as the edge lettering is done in a different font (the coin is from the late 1890s) and does not discuss the purity (this was after Russia went to .900 fine). But it implies that the Д might be actually be OK.

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The irregular denticles look more suspicious to me than the lettering.


Aside from that, the coin was harshly scrubbed and borderline VF condition, and 1878 is a common date. Doesn't make much sense to counterfeit an 1878 rouble (to me, at least).


What does the coin weigh?

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Thanks for the high resolution photos. I think the fields look strange, and people have already remarked about other things.


Question is, why buy a coin like this with so many red flags? Maybe it is genuine, but much nicer examples can be found for not too much money. I wouldn't buy it.

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