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I purchaced a German five mark coin a while back it is a 1895 A in about vf condition for $50 I know in the end it is my choice but I want to know what you all think about starting a set.I have fallen in love with these coins mainly because I am german, I like the eagle design and I like BIG SILVER :-)

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I actually recently acquired a 1905 Prussia 5 mark and I agree they are awesome coins. I try to go with something different every month though... managed to get silver dollar sized coins for Prussia/Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, and Peru so it is a small but slowly expanding collection.

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Don't know how I missed this post before. I've seen the coins you're talking about and like them. As far as starting a collection/series of them, if it fits with what you want to work on - do it. You can always change concentrations later if you decided to go with something else.

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