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Roman coin - real or fake? Help please

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Good morning guys,


I would be very grateful if you could help me identify if this coin is real or fake.

I have done a little research and my instinct is that it is not genuine but I don't really know a thing about coins and would really appreciate a more experienced opinion!


The inscription appears to read - TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AUGUST IMP VIII

and on the other side - IMP C POSTUMUS P LA C


If you need more details please do ask as I appreciate the photos are not fantastic :s


Thank you in advance!


Andiefluffnokiauptonov 005.jpgnokiauptonov 007.jpgnokiauptonov 008.jpg

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Definitely looks like a fake. The details appear too sharp and 'pen like' and the join line on the edge is a tell-tale sign of a cast replica.

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