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1842 silver dollar came sticky taped! Help please


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Hello, I just joined this forum because I need help. I bought an 1842 Seated Liberty dollar from ebay because it was being sold for $30. I don't know anything about coins, I bought it because it's worth more than that and because it's from 1842.
But it arrived encased in sticky tape (as in, a wide piece of clear sticky tape was folded over it, completely covering the coin). That sucks! I took off the tape, it came off pretty easily, but quite a bit of the glue is still clearly stuck to the coin.
I'm just wondering what to do as, reading about all the things that damage silver coins, I am sure this glue is very very bad.


Is there anything in particular I should do about this? Is it possible to get the glue off without damaging the coin? Everyone seems to say not to clean old coins but I assume this glue will do more damage if it's left there? I plan to take it to a coin shop in the next few days, is there anything they can do, and more importantly, is there anything I should do in the mean time?


I would really appreciate your help, thank you

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What condition is the coin to start? Based upon that you might choose a number of paths to getting it cleaned/restored.

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The pictures on the face of the coin is clear and none of the details seem to have worn off, there are no major marks on either side or the rim, but when you look closely you can see the surface is covered in those tiny scruffy marks.
I'm sure it's a collectible grade, that's all I can say really, as in you can see what's on the coin, and it's a bit grey but still silvery and shiny and not completely oxidized or anything. I've tried comparing pictures of other graded liberty dollars but I don't get it, some of them that are graded very highly look really worn out to me : /
Thanks for you help!

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There are Chinese fakes of these coins, and many others, seeing as you purchased it from ebay at below its value I would suspect it is a fake. Try a magnet, if it is attracted by the magnet it is a fake, not being attracted does not prove it is genuine but it is a quick test. I hope it is genuine :)



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Welcome to this forum. As to any coin with tape problems there is a simple solution. If you have a Walmart, Kmart, Menards, HomeDepot, etc. or any place that sells paint products, go there and look in the paint area for Acetone. Usually comes in a quart can. However, please note it is highly flamable so you have to be carefull. Find a place well ventilated. Place your coin in a clean glass, never plastic or metal, container. Such as a clear, clean cup or drinking glass if possible. Pour some of the Acetone on it and allow it to soak for while, It should remove any tape or tape glue. HOWEVER, the Acetone will evaporate fast so be carefull. Remember that as it evaporates, whatever it disolved from the coin will be left so you would have to remove the coin fast.

Acetone will not effect metal of any kind. So even if you left the coin in the Acetone for years, it would not effect the metal.

HOWEVER, again, be carefull with that stuff. It is flamable.

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