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Bank of Prosperity National Bank of Fortune 1907 - Gust Bank Note Co


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This has me baffled.... I recently found this Gust bank note in a 1930's scrap book fill with news clippings from the 1930- 1947. The item has lots of lovely, elaborate artwork. It says "Bank of Prosperity" "National Bank of Fortune, State of Happiness" Date: January 1st, 1907. On the bottom is "Gust Bank Note Co, St Louis". In tiny print above it "Move in a Circular Motion and See the Wheel of Time Revolve". Pay to the order of Noah Kingsbury. On the back is "Pay to the order of Elizabeth Passons (?)" There were several items from the Robert Kingsbury family in the album. They lived in Schenectady, NY. You're feedback is welcome.




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Cute! It is obviously a novelty piece. "365 Happy Days." What could be better?

(I think that the printer's name is at the bottom center. Can you read it?)

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