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Can someone give me a clue as to whether these coins are worth anything?


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Agreed. Perhaps useful as play money for kids interested in history. Like a replica of the Declaration, the kind of thing for an elementary school show-and-tell.


Tons of these and others similar were made 1974-1976 for the Bicentennial.

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... well, yes, just like the original fakes of Montroville Dickeson for the 1876 Centennial, or for that matter, the 1913 Liberty Nickels and the 1804 Dollars. In the "Popeye" movie with Robin Williams, Shelley Duvalle, and Ray Walston, Popeye's only picture of his father is a piece of cardboard with the words "Me Pappa" written on it. Get a piece of paper; write "Higley Copper" on it.


Something is worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for it. So, yes, lots of things are pricey and collectible. And yet we condemn the "Buy It Now and Spend More" Cable TV Shows. That seems like a contradiction to me.


I mean, if the Centennial of 1876 is your thing, with posters, buttons, mirrors, tickets to events, old newspapers and magazines, and all that, then, OK, get a DIckeson copy or get one of each. But, really, fakes are fakes, no matter how old they are.


And, yes, I accept circulating counterfeits as real money.

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