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A very unique and different 1915 Panama Pacific Gold $50 piece.

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Here is something very interesting that I have been searching for many, many years.


This is a fantasy piece as Coca-Cola never produced them.......Beware there are knock off's on the market

of even these pieces!!

They are very crude and one can tell the difference, which I will show and give examples of here soon.


I bought a few of them years back and found out the hard way.......thankfully I was able to return them to the auction house.


Anyways, it really is a beautiful piece being very hefty and large. It is also reeded....My best guess through research makes me think that this is an original with case.

I also think they were produced in 1965 by the Coca-Cola Bottlers Collectors Club that had a 50th Coke anniversary to celebrate they had these struck.


Some say that these were struck in 1915, but the case construction and materials do not match any materials

from the era. Others say that these were struck in the 1970's I disagree but think the cheaper knock off pieces are.

Again I will post some more pictures to support my theory later.


There was a great article February of this year in Coin World that showed the medal and gave there theory

which I have included pictures from that article but suggest it highly as a great read! Also explains the reverse owl.



btw.....if anyone else gas found additional information as to who may have struck these and when, it sure would be appreciated.


Below is the image of my latest and long waited for 1915 Pan Pac fantasy piece and hope you enjoy it.



fron Coin World Feb.2013 online issue


















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Interesting medal, especially nice to have the case which is in superb condition. I must congratulate you on the post itself, outstanding :bthumbsup:



I agree. Thanks for sharing with us.

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