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Numismatics termology in foreign languages


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I'm been a freelance translator and I know that some termologies cannot be easily found in dictionaries unless you are both a numismatics and a translator.


For instance try to translate these terms in another language: error, brockage, overstrike, overdate, double die, multiple strikes, counterfeit, plated, clad, etc. I think there are some terms that are easier (or standard) such as diameter, weight, metals etc but some technical terms may pose a challenge.


Reason why I ask is I'm getting stuck in a rut in the field that I am collecting and I would like to broaden my knowledge looking at foreign markets. Imagine looking for error coins from the middle of Middle East, reading latest articles about counterfeits coming from China, bullion articles and so forth.


I acknowledge English is a universal language but at times I think that I might have taken it for granted especially in a wide field of numismatics I focus on. What I propose is to setup a page for people to use it as a guideline. At times I have seen sellers from overseas trying to describe funny things. For instance a seller has attempted to describe an overstrike as "new and old coin". Bit crude but ruins potential customers. Another possibility is that you might be able to check out a foreign website for error coins and find some gem in there. Figured that coin forums are the best place to post as there are some foreign collectors hiding somewhere and it may help others who find English is not their language.


Ambitious but I see this as a long term project. Suggestions?

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Check the ANA and ANS libraries and see my reply to you on CoinTalk.


These dictionaries do exist. If you want a comprehensive one to meet your own standards, you may need to create it. But, as I said, as a technical writer myself with an interest in numismatics and some facility for languages I can help, if you want to make a project out of it.

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Yesterday, I was at the University of Texas library and looked through several "numismatic dictionaries" but none that met the requirements as described. QX wants to look up "brockage" and see a table with the word in several languages. Conversely, he wants to have an index of some kind where the word Matrize (f) G. takes you to some entry like 638 where "die, lower" is given in several languages.


So, far, no joy...


Just to say, I lost an argument with my brother over German dictionaries. He ripped the Langenscheidts apart and insisted on Barron's or Oxford (I forget which). I have an Oxford here, also, but ithe Langenscheidt's actually has the right words as "Münz-Stempel" for die, but also has die Matrize for the lower die, a more technical understanding ... which you would expect from the Germans, after all... Oxford calls it only "Techn" and gives "Prägestempel (m)". I do not know which is the more correct for numismatics, though I lean toward Langenscheidt's.


When I worked on a project for Carl Zeiss here in the USA, one of my assignments was to translate user manuals. I did the one from German to English all right, but we hired a professional firm to do the English-to-Spanish. The translator and I had several discussions about technical language and he finally ignored me and did it his way and I took the blame for not managing the project well. Just to say, every technology has its vocabulary and idioms.

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