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Coins used to make spoons


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Not too sure how practical these spoon coins are but they look pretty cool. Note that these coins are actually really really small - at around 16mm.

It's a real shame to be honest for these Japanese silver coins to be made into such spoons as these coins aren't worth junk silver price. All of them are known to have varieties. Fortunately I think most of them are the common type except for one. I think it's a good idea to use them to put sugar to control how much sugar you put in your cup of tea or coffee.




Anyone else with such similar spoon coins?


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There was an entire exhibit at the ANA in Chicago this year, items made from pennies. Took first runner up for best of show, and by a first time exhibitor to boot!


I have often wished and suggested several times that a detailed video be made of each exhibit at the show. The exhibits have always been may favorite part of any show.

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