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Owned it since 1947. But what is it?

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The head facing left appears to be Zeus Ammon with ram's horn, as in this unrelated coin http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/roma-numismatics-ltd/catalogue-id-srro10003/lot-73da9a99-2921-426d-a0a6-a5bc00ff8037



The inscription is Aramaic, Semitic, etc.


Sorry that is as much as I know, hope it helps.

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On eBay http://www.ebay.ca/itm/16-17TH-CENTURY-5-MOSES-MEDALS-JEWISH-JUDAICA-RENAISSANCE-HEBREW-MEDALLIONS-/351704796623?hash=item51e33d4dcf:g:lDIAAOSwcBhWUzdP


They obviously copied the Zeus Ammon Ram's Horn type.




משה רבנו is Hebrew for Moses and is written on his collar.

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Thank you all for your help in identifying this item.


I have been 'out of circuit' for a while and was so surprised when I checked out Coin People to find 5 replies.

So many people had looked at my request for information since October 2013 but nobody had an answer. I had just about given up.

Thanks again to all of you, and in particular, to Constanius.



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The inscription is in Hebrew and it is the first amendment: thou shell have no other good but me. As for the figure i cant be sure but with that inscription it could indeed be Mosses, espcially since it is written that when he came down from the mountain his face glow and in Hebrew glow - KARAN - could also be interpenetrated as : was horned. Maybe that why he have here horn pictured on his head.

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