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Something to wonder about... especially metal allergies


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I've been collecting coins for probably close to two decades. They can be fun - handled all kinds of metals from base metal iron, copper, zinc, to exotic metals such as tantalum and antimony.


I've always like to handle coins raw as well as treat them with acetone when they are needed. It's only very recently that there are some coins that I have handled especially some of the older Chinese coins coins that I'm starting to get nasty itches after handling them. Geez they must be loaded with some nasty metal - I just can't figure out what they are. I've handled nickel and cobalt - most common metals to cause allergic reactions. I'm suspecting there's traces mercury in them. I'm sure you can develop such allergies late in life.


My food of thought is: how "iron"ic would it be for a coin collector not be able to handle coins in raw? Just thought it's a cruel twist for coin collectors to not be able to handle coins raw.



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