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Copper coins 1830-1839


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1 Kopek 1832 EM FH


2 Kopek 1837 EM NA


5 Kopek 1833 EM FH


10 Kopek 1832 EM FH


Russian coin series got renewed in 1830, when the value of copper coins needed to be lowered. New series consists of 1, 2, 5 and 10 Kopeks and was made in St.Petersburg (CM) and in Jekaterinburg (EM).


Coins are of quite plain design, the imperial Russian (So called "masonic eagle" in these coins) eagle and date and mintmasters initials on the obverse and nominal value and mintmark on the reverse.


These coins are rather difficult to find in decent grades, as you may see from the example coins too, and they are often cleaned.

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Damn, Tane beat me to this collection :ninja:


I was just looking specifically for the year 1834 to matchup the rest of my 1834 collection. Looks like it's going to be a lot harder than I expected. ;) Much worse is the CM series... CM seems to be a real moron. ;)


Nevertheless, this particular copper coin had almost no raised rim edge, and hence the surface has a tendency to get worn, therefore these are pretty hard to find in VF grade. The most obvious wear damage would be the rider spearing the snake, as these will not last very lost without the raised rim edge protection. Often the rider gets worn off partially or almost completely.


Tane has surely done a good job. :lol:

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Oh, thanks ;)


I've spent months on searching for these coins and especially the 2 kopek seems to be hard to find... Boohoo! ;) I think EM 1832 is the most common date, all CMs are scarce. Krause gives very miserable prices for these coins, I would pay atleast 3x more for a decent coin!


But luckily, coin-hunting is funny. :ninja:

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Yes, you see, I bought the "tenner" first :ninja: Though it has a lot of rim nicks and it looks to have been washed. Gotta get a new one.

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  • 4 years later...

Tane is right ...

2 kopeken from this period in nice condition is a miracle..

I have lot of 5 kopeken and some 1 and 10 kopeken in nice grade but 2 comes as maximum VF

Yes ..it would be nice to catch something from those !!

... and different story are silver "masonic"... poltina's are very rare !!

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